Community Service Projects

  Logan Child's Eagle Project: Here are a couple of pictures of Logan and those who helped him with his Eagle Project which was installing flags on the fire hydrants in Plain City
  Front row: Michael O'Driscoll
Second row: Paul O'Driscoll, Eric Stokes, Brian O'Driscoll
Back row: Logan Child, Dean Child


Michael O'Driscoll, Logan Child, Paul O'Driscoll, Cooper Heseltine, Brian O'Driscoll, Bret O'Driscoll

Robert Bodily Eagle Project: a scout in Troop 418. He is fourteen years old and lives in Pioneer Village. For his Eagle project he put the Plain City history, compiled by Lyman and Dorothy Cook, on line. The original history included many pictures but they are not included in this document.        Link to Robert's project