Plain City’s Fourth of July Celebration is a patriotic celebration of culture and community that draws businesses, nonprofit organizations, community groups, friends, neighbors, and visitors to Town Square. Without doubt, the most anticipated event of the year is the Fourth of July Celebration, but Plain City holds numerous other festivals and offers a variety of fun activities, through-out the year. The City is host to a fantastic selection of local traditions. Check the Recreation Calendar for event information.


Plain City offers sports programs for both youth and adults, as well as partnering with other community sports organizations. The Parks and Recreation Department strives to offer quality programs that emphasize participation, skill development, sportsmanship, and fun in a wholesome, supportive environment. We are also dedicated to providing a safe environment for those participating in youth sports programs run by the City.

Plain City July 4th, 2022

Plain City Parks and Recreation

4160 W 2200 N
Plain City, Utah 84404
801-731-4908 Ext. 119


Plain City has boweries and other facilities throughout its parks to reserve for picnics or gatherings. A bowery reservation entitles the holder to exclusive use of the pavilion for the date and time indicated on the permit. Boweries are available on a first come, first served basis, when there is no reservation. For reservations, call City Hall; 801-731-4908