Cheri Sparks, Blake Neil, Jarod Maw

Chairman Blake Neil

Blake Neil is the Chairman of the Plain City Planning Commission. His longstanding service to the community has benefited residents in significant ways. He can be reached by phone: 801-791-3004 and by email:

Commissioner Cheri Sparks

Cheri Sparks, a longtime resident of Plain City, provides a special awareness of the social and economic needs of its citizens. Her contributions as a Planning Commissioner help facilitate growth and community alliance. She can be reached by phone: 801-731-8382 and by email:

Commissioner Jarod Maw

Jarod Maw is a licensed architect (AIA) and has been influential in the design and construction of several local buildings. As a Planning Commissioner, he brings knowledge and experience to the deliberation of future Plain City development. He can be reached by phone: 801-808-7325 and by email:

Shawna Faulkner

Commissioner Shawna Faulkner

Shawna Faulkner is the newest member of the Plain City Planning Commission.  Come to the next Planning Commission Meeting and hear her insightful comments on future development of our community .  Her phone number, email address, and photo will be posted soon.

Kris Carrigan

Commissioner Kris Carrigan

Kris Carrigan has been selling real estate for more than 10 years. He has also worked as a certified Journeyman electrician. His participation with the Planning Commission helps round-out its perception. He can be reached by phone: 801-781-0360 and by email:

Mike Kerswell

Mike Kerswell – Land Use and Information Specialist

Mike Kerswell provides essential support to the Planning Commission, as Land Use and Information Specialist. He can be reached by phone: (Plain City Office) 801-731-4908 and by email:

Vice-Chairman John Leonardi

As Vice-Chairman of the Plain City Planning Commission, John Leonardi makes himself available to hear comments and suggestions from the public. His distinguishing abilities give positive leadership to the Commission . He can be reached by phone: 801-731-7585

John Leonardi


Members meet on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.