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Plain City public schools belong to the Weber School District and includes two elementary schools, one junior high school, and one high school.


(801) 452-4220

2335 N 3600 W

Plain City, Utah 84404


(801) 452-4360

2190 W 2700 N

Ogden, Utah 84404


(801) 452-4640

2656 N 2400 W

Farr West, Utah 84404


(801) 452-4000

1900 N 4700 W

Plain City, Utah 84404


A tribute to the men and women who had the foresight, vision, and courage to endure the hardships that were necessary to make Plain City a nice place to live.


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Weber School District is located in Northern Utah in the heart of Weber County. Nestled within the Wasatch Region, it extends from the vast Rocky Mountains and into a portion of the Great Salt Lake.
Superintendent: Dr. Jeff Stephens
Asst. Superintendent(s): Kevin Sederholm,
Jane Ann Kammeyer

Weber School District
5320 Adams Ave. Pkwy.
Ogden, UT 84405
(801) 476-7800

This program is sponsored by all city and county municipalities in Weber County and is to be used by all residents living within Weber County. Please register phone numbers and email addresses so that you will be able to receive emergency notifications. Registration allows emergency officials to notify citizens and businesses of emergency situations including possible flooding, Amber Alerts, weather dangers, evacuation notices, and other emergency events on your cell phone.
The system is tied to your home address, not the physical location of your cell phone. This means once you register, you will receive notifications related to your neighborhood regardless of where you are.
Recorded voice messages will be sent to cell phones and additional land lines that you register, and written messages will be sent to email and text devices. The system is designed to make multiple attempts to connect with lines that are not answered or ring busy.
By registering, you acknowledge that any service costs from your cell phone provider for notifications are your responsibility.