You Can Help!

We are in for a lot of rain in the next couple of days. Along with possible flooding issues, ground water is infiltrating the
sewer system. Here are some things you can do to help!

  • 1. Sandbags and sand are available at the city shop (4181 W 2410 N). We do not have manpower to fill them. You are welcome to come and fill 10-12 of them. If you need more than that, please contact the city office (801-731-4908) to make arrangements to get more. After hours, please call non-emergency dispatch (801-629-8221) and they will contact our on-call person to help you out.

  • 2. If you are in an area experiencing problems with the sewer, please do not use any plumbing in your house.

  • 3. If you are not currently experiencing some problems with the sewer, please be very careful on the water usage in your home.

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